Report by Adriann Southern & Darby Damon

Our team safely arrived in Haiti yesterday evening, so today was our first official day. We started the morning sorting medicine and preparing for clinic. Then we were able to walk around the village and spread the word of the clinic, which will take place tomorrow. While walking up the mountain, we were amazed by God’s creation. With the mountains surrounding us, there were goats, cows, donkeys, and chickens walking up the same trail, not to mention motorcycles. The children weren’t shy to come up to us and hold our hands, because they just wanted theirs to be held. It was just amazing to see how much we could communicate without knowing Creole, because love really is a universal language. After we walked around in hopes of spreading the news of the clinic, the two boys on the team played a pick-up soccer game, while the girls and the rest of the team hung out with the children, painted fingernails, and sang. There are many more people to pray over and love on, and we pray that God will continue to use us and our time while we are here. Please continue to pray for the hearts of people we come in contact with, and for strength and boldness within the team. Thank you and God bless!


Haiti March 10, 2018
Haiti March 8, 2018