Report by Corinne Hutchison

The last two days I have had the opportunity to study abroad…in a Haitian pre-school class. I’ve learned the alphabet, shapes, colors, vowels, consonants and a few songs. It has been so much fun to sit and watch the little ones learn. The teachers are joyful to be teaching and the children to be learning.

Yesterday was full of activities; the guys just about finished the bathrooms for the school, and they finished the roof this morning. Yesterday afternoon, we sat outside and played with the kids. Last night, we went to Jerusalem IV – it is always awesome to worship with them.

This morning some of us went to school and the rest were working on finishing up the bathrooms and fixing up a few things around the school. This afternoon we are headed up to the orphanage to visit with the children there.

Haiti March 10, 2017
Haiti March 8, 2017