Report by Sarah King

Phew! Today has been a long and hot day here in Haiti, and our team has the fatigue and sunburn to prove it! This morning we visited Corte Christe Church for our first clinic; after lunch we finished up clinics in the voodoo village. It is my second year to be here in Haiti and I can already see how the hand of God is at work – in this village, in our team, and in TEM.

One really cool thing happened this morning at Corte Christe Church. We began to wrap up at the end of the clinic, and I had the chance to sit and talk with Bro. Chuck Martindale, founder of TEM. I wish everyone I know could hear some of the stories this man has. It’s not like he is Jesus, but when I sit and talk to him I almost feel like I am talking to Jesus; to me, that is just how evident Christ is in him. Anyway, after hearing story after story, one word stuck in my mind… faithfulness. Our God is FAITHFUL. So faithful that His word tells us in 2 Timothy 2:13, “If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.” Man, that is good stuff–no matter how faithless we are, God still remains faithful! His promises are still true, they NEVER, ever will change! That is good news.

On our way back to the compound we stopped to pray over the land where God is building a medical clinic. In God’s timing there will be a full running clinic with surgeons, an optometrist, a dentist, and a pharmacist here in the valley of Z’Orange to continue to help the people. This will be a clean, functional facility to continue to shine the light of Jesus Christ! I share this scripture with you because I know that God was faithful in Bro. Chuck’s life in the past, He was faithful to TEM in the past to do many wondrous things, and He was even faithful in my own life. Because He is a faithful God, I know He will provide this clinic so we can still share and be a part of the healing and helping for the people in the valley of Z’Orange, spiritually and physically.

I am sunburned, of course, and a little tired, but I know the trip isn’t over yet. God isn’t done here with us. Tomorrow will be our last day of clinics, and then we get to enjoy a beach day–I am super excited for what’s in store! I love and miss my family more than they know–praying for y’all, as I know y’all are praying for us. Talk to you soon – love, miss, bye. All my heart! Love, Sarah

Haiti March 9, 2016
Haiti March 7, 2016