The Wright Baptist Church Team is in Z’Orange loving on the people. I love this team; Pastor Jeremy has been here enough to know just to show up and let the Lord lead. It’s great to watch everyone just relax and enjoy being here with no specific plans.

Ever since I got here things have been about as smooth as a choppy ocean. Just to mention a few of the problems: Gabriel has been broken down, and our mechanic worked on it one day and has not returned – and now will not answer his phone! We are working on getting another mechanic to come up this week. So, I had to quickly find two large vans to pick everyone up at the airport with their luggage. Then, the water purification system stopped working. Pat worked on it for a while and couldn’t fix it, so I called the man in the States who invented this system. We worked on it together for a while, and we couldn’t fix it either. Praise God, he has a place here in Haiti where he has some of the systems that are refurbished. I went there to pick one up, drove all the way up into the mountains and – you guessed it – it didn’t work.

Today Simon and I have been running around picking up all the supplies that we would have picked up in Gabriel. We had to get another water purification system, fill propane tanks, buy brake fluid & gear oil, and also buy chicken and other groceries for the team. Overall, though, it was a good day. We accomplished everything and made it back to the mission house safely. Please keep us in your prayers.

(There are no captions on the photos in this report because of the issues we continue to have with the internet.)

Haiti March 5, 2017
Haiti March 3, 2017