I’m sitting at the airport now sending this entry. For those of you who had family members here–they are on their way home! Chuck Guerber will be staying at the mission house taking care of things for me–he has been such a blessing. I have always introduced Simon as my right-hand man, now I guess I’ll have to introduce Chuck as my left-hand man.

TEM was blessed with the presence of members of Greater Little Rock Baptist Church one more time, as were the people of Haiti. It was great to see some people come back–like Pastor Lonnie, Willa, Laura, Beverly and Raina–and it is always a pleasure to see the excitement of the people coming here for the first time–like Mokell, Andrionna, Denise and Carlos. I know I was blessed.

Below are photos taken at the airport this morning as they bought a few things before check-in. Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless.

Haiti March 27-28, 2012
Haiti March 23, 2012