We had a very relaxing day today. After breakfast we helped Ginette sweep and mop the mission house. The dust here is unbelievable; you can dust and then watch the dust settle before you even leave the room. When the group finished cleaning, Ken pulled down some paint and they started painting our back wall. I have been wanting to do that for about a year. As you can see by the photo they did a great job. Not only did they paint the wall, but also the side and front of the mission house – it looks great. It doesn’t take long for the front to start looking pretty shabby, with the dust and the kids putting their hands on it. That is the reason we paint the lower half of all our buildings brown, so the hand prints don’t show up so much. They painted until lunchtime while I worked in my office trying to clean my desk and all my trunks that have accumulated in the last year. As everyone leaves they come by my door and leave me things, so i just put them in a trunk. It was nice to have the time to go through everything and find out what I really have.

When we finished we had lunch, and then my Haitian friend who comes up from Port au Prince and brings souvenirs arrived. He has a great selection, and the teams can buy souvenirs here for about half the outrageous price they would have to pay at the airport. Also, they don’t have to put up with the hassle of being nagged outside the airport.

Tonight we are going to stay in and rest. We have been out for the past three nights. Tomorrow Pastor Lonnie, John, Angela and Ken are planning to hike up the mountain to Jerusalem II. This is a very tough hike – it takes about 2 hours, and the first 45 minutes are straight up. The rest of us will continue cleaning and getting packed for the Sunday morning flight.

Thanks for all your prayers. God is so, so good.

Haiti March 22, 2014
Haiti March 20, 2014