We arose early this morning to take Clint to the airport. Afterward, we went to Petionville to a Sherwin Williams Paint store to purchase some paint for the mission house. Petionville is the area where the most wealthy Haitians live. In their little town they have a Radio Shack, Gold’s Gym and several nice hotels. The town is up in the mountains, and there are beautiful homes along the road. When we finished buying our paint we went to Digicel, which is the largest cell phone and internet carrier in Haiti. I have to keep my bill paid for my phone and internet (and Simon’s) every two months or so. You can’t do it over the internet, so you have to drive into Port. It’s amazing the cost of communication here, but it is very necessary.

When we left Digicel we went to a place called Eko Depot, which resembles the Home Depot at home. It has the same logo and colors, but is considerably lacking on the products. We bought some chalk boards, paint and board for the school – they are really rough on the chalk boards here. By this time it was around noon, so we were ready to go back to the mission house. When we arrived Ginette had our lunch set out for us, as always.

After lunch Chuck G, Simon and Blanco went to the market, as you will see in the pictures below, to buy food for the Pastors Conference. They had a full-page list of things to buy in the market, not counting the things that we will have to buy in Port. I will purchase the rest Saturday when we go pick up the team at the airport. Thank you for your continued prayers – God bless.

Haiti March 22, 2013
Haiti March 20, 2013