Today we got up early and went to Port to help a brother of ours, Pastor Harry, who I have known since 1999. He has helped us many times through the years and worked with us for several years. He now pastors a beautiful church in Croix de Banquet. He was having trouble with his well, and I contacted an organization called Blue Ridge – they were kind enough to follow me over to Pastor Harry’s church and take a look at the well, and they had the problem fixed within a couple of hours. Praise the Lord!!!


Report by Clint Downing

Today we had the opportunity to meet with all the teachers and parents. The parents are very happy with how things are going with the school this year. We discussed the American/Haitian partnership in the school and all the blessings God has provided in just a few months – the new school roof, teachers receiving pay each month, school supplies, printer, curriculum, etc. What a blessing for these kids to be able to receive a Christian education! We reminded the teachers and parents that it is God they need to depend on, not Americans. Man will let you down no matter the relationship, but God will never let you down; everything we have is provided by God. We will all be in prayer for God to provide the needed funds to finish this school year out. The day was a very nice day with a cooling breeze – it was a reminder of God being in control of everything. Playing around with the children topped off a great day in the Lord! Thank you Father for the opportunity!

Haiti March 21, 2013
Haiti March 19, 2013