Report by Miranda Gates & Dr. Jeremy Gates

Miranda: Hi friends! We are having a blast in Haiti! Today we went on a hike to an orphanage. We visited with the kids and sang songs together. Tonight we are going to show the Jesus film at the orphanage. My favorite thing we have done so far is playing with the kids. I am having such a good time! God is so good bringing us here! This is the BEST WEEK EVER!!!!!

Pastor Jeremy: I echo my daughter’s statement – this is the best week ever! This is my sixth time in Haiti, and going to see the kids at the orphanage and singing with them is always a highlight for me. This afternoon the team spent a lot of time hanging out with our children here at the mission house yard. I love watching Miranda play with the other children. Although Miranda is learning Creole, it’s still safe to say she and her friends don’t speak the same language, yet they communicate and play games for hours! When we’re home in America, she always prays for her Haitian friends and looks forward to coming and seeing them. It blesses this dad’s heart to see her here and in her element. I see the hand of God on her and for that I rejoice! I think the best thing for any young person is to experience at least one international mission trip. It’s amazing how being here changes your perspective. Last night we showed a Christian film, “Hope” down at Daniel’s village (many of you know that’s a voodoo village). As always Daniel and the children were very receptive to us. Our team had a great time. Thank you all for your prayers and please know, God is honoring those prayers! The love of Jesus continues to spread throughout this area. To God be the glory!

Haiti March 20, 2016
Haiti March 18, 2016