Report by Pastor Sam

I’ve never been to Haiti before. In my first 24 hours here I have already come to see why the people on our team have fallen in love with this place. The Haitian people are strong and resilient. The country is beautiful. The people are beautiful. I have seen faces full of joy in the midst of what Americans would call abject poverty. I’ve already had a conversation with one of our team members about how strange the circumstances of day to day life are in Haiti, but I was forced to take a step back and realize the Haitians aren’t strange at all…we are. We’re the strange ones. Pastor Jeremy always says that normal is only established by a repeated pattern. For the majority of the world, the repeated pattern of civilization looks a lot more like Haiti than America. The simplicity of life here is heartbreakingly beautiful. It makes our waste and luxury look foolish. The Haitians are not strange…we are. I’m so glad to witness these strong, resilient people. While I know we have things to teach here, I realize we also have much to learn. God is good. Let us spend ourselves in joy for His kingdom.

Haiti March 19, 2016
Haiti March 17, 2016