This morning was cleanup day, getting ready for the Greater Little Rock Baptist Church team coming in this afternoon. We cleaned and painted bathrooms, hung night lights, changed light bulbs, washed dishes, and swept and mopped floors, just to name a few things.

Around lunchtime, Ginette made sandwiches to give us a little energy to finish the cleaning and get ready to go into Port. This was Chuck’s first time to drive Gabriel to Port, and he did a fantastic job. I sent Chuck and Simon in ahead of time to pick up Pastor Wisney and get some ice, and I had the Ford sprayed off and went to the airport.

When I arrived, I bribed my way into the airport, as usual, and met the team. Everything actually went smoothly–we got all our luggage and made it out to the parking lot without any problems.

We had a great dinner prepared for us by Ginette, had our team meeting, and now everyone is settling in for the night. I told them I hope they have their earplugs–we have had a dog start barking every night about 9 p.m., and it doesn’t stop until about midnight. Then we have ‘dueling donkeys,’ plus roosters, goats, people and other sounds they will not be familiar with.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, with Haitian church (Pastor Lonnie will be preaching), then Haitian fried chicken with all the other goodies.

Please be praying that the Lord will use this team to glorify Him in everything we do.

Haiti March 18, 2012
Haiti March 16, 2012