Report by J’Varian Wilson

This week has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. We did medical clinics for 3 days – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We saw almost 600 people; you can tell that there is a need for supplies in the villages. One village practices voodoo, and it is a presence that you can feel as soon as you come near it. Tyler had to help me learn how to work in the pharmacy. We were in charge of counting medications, handing the nurses what they needed, and making sure that the supplies were always stocked. It got a little crazy at times, but we seemed to manage it well. Thursday we had a chance to relax at a luxurious resort that had plenty of amazing views. I swam the entire day away; I even got in the ocean for a little while, but I didn’t want to go too far. Today we visited the waterfalls at Soto, Haiti. We were able to climb up a waterfall and take amazing pictures. I can’t believe how much fun we have had and the amazing time God has let us share together. He truly did make an amazing world filled with beautiful people!

Haiti March 12, 2016
Haiti March 10, 2016