Report by Cal

God is surely in this place…we arrived in Haiti late yesterday. We were met at the airport by Brother Chuck and his team with open arms. We loaded up Gabriel (1972 Army truck) with our luggage and headed on the long, arduous journey up the mountain. Callie, Gracie, Olivia, Michael and I wanted to experience the ride in the back of Gabriel, so we hopped in and off we rode in the open air back of the truck. The ride gave us the sights and smells of a broken country. We saw piles of trash burning in the city, smelled the stench of human waste, and saw a people yearning for hope. We finally made it to the mission house weary and tired. Brother Chuck gave us his usual speech about the house rules (I am sure some of you have heard it many times). It wasn’t long before the sound of the generator silenced and it was time to sleep. Thru the night we heard the sounds from the outside; dogs barking, roosters crowing, and the occasional crash of the avocados falling on the rooftop made it an interesting night. Finally daybreak came, and it was time to do what we came to do. We came to love on the people of Haiti. Yes, and God is in this place. The people and children of this tiny village also welcomed us with open arms. In the courtyard outside the school we met and played with the children who were yearning for attention and a better understanding of what Jesus has to offer them. We are all well, and we’re excited to be here. Pray that God will do some mighty things this week!


Report by Brother Chuck

This morning when we woke up most of the team went outside the mission house to play with the kids. The kids were so excited to see the Americans who had been here before. After breakfast the ladies started VBS at Jerusalem I with the Pre-K and lower classes. The team sang songs and made crafts with the kids. Then Pastor Philip, Cal and Jim did a puppet show, with the help of the interpreters, about how Jesus will take away our worries. The kids had never seen puppets. Their eyes were big as marbles when they saw the first puppet – it is something they will never forget!

Haiti June 10, 2016
Haiti June 8, 2016