Tomorrow we will pick up the team from Fort Walton Beach FL, mostly teachers from Cinco Christian School. Clint and Lisa Downing will be leading this team, with the help of Sandy Perez and many others. We will start the Teachers Conference and Ladies Bible Study on Friday.

School starts here again the first of September. The children will start trickling in, and by the second or third week of September all the kids will be in school. The teachers have to be here the whole month. (No need to even try to understand, that’s just the way it is here.) Anyway, the reason I say this is that we need to do repairs at the school – paint, repair desks and, hopefully, add on some outdoor classrooms. We are planning to have a construction team trip Sept 6-12, and we could use your help. You don’t have to be a carpenter or painter – just show up, and there will be things to do. Below are some photos of the things that need to be repaired, and a photo of the outdoor classrooms. If you’d like to participate in this trip, the sooner you can commit, the less expensive the ticket will be. Total cost will be price of ticket plus $300; this includes all food, lodging and transportation.

The repairs and additions are expected to cost around $7500. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help, please call me (850-582-1458) for more information, or send gift to 1945 Patrician Way, Fort Walton Beach FL 32547, or use PayPal on this website to make a donation. Thank you.

Haiti July 10, 2014
Haiti July 8, 2014