Report by Hannah

Today was my favorite day in Haiti so far. We went to two Haitian church services and, although we couldn’t understand what they were singing, the worship was amazing. It was so cool to see a church full of people, some of them didn’t even have shoes on their feet, just praising God with their whole hearts. It is so easy to feel at home here because all of the people are so welcoming and receptive of us all. I’ve learned that a smile says more than words can sometimes, and showing kindness is the best way to show Jesus. I’ve also learned that people in different countries are people just like us. Today we gave out clothes to people in the church, and I had to laugh at how picky the girls were about what they chose. I’m growing to love these people more and more every day because even though there is a language barrier, I’ve come to realize that we aren’t that different at all and that they need Jesus as much as we do. I’ve also learned to keep my feet up most of the time because a scary, hairy tarantula might crawl over them if I don’t.


Report by Sam and Andrew

Today was a true blessing. We went to church in the morning and evening and praised the Lord with flamboyant dancing. We also sang in Creole and the Haitians joined in (which was totally tubular!). After coming back from evening church we were mesmerized by the size of the Arachnid we saw, which was bigger than a small child’s body. This sight made us realize Satan is going to throw many obstacles in our way to scare us. Upon seeing the spider Sam hastily assembled the K-squad (Sam, Andrew, Wesley) to exterminate this being. But, on a serious note, Sunday was a nice break from working on building the bathroom at Jerusalem 4. It was also nice to see the reaction of the Haitians after they receive a simple gift such as a t-shirt. It made us realize how much we take for granted and how much God blesses us with. Tomorrow we plan on going back to Jerusalem 4 to finish the bathroom. Although the work is hot and tiring in the Haitian summer sun, the Lord has blessed us with rain every day at the end of the day to cool us off. The trip has been a great success so far, and we can’t wait to see what God has planned for us in the future.

Haiti June 10, 2013
Haiti June 8, 2013