If we didn’t get everyone’s picture in this report, we will make sure to do so next time.

This team is doing an excellent job and having a great time. Bro. Chuck


from June 4

Report from Brianne Gallagher’s perspective….

This word has come to me over and over again today. We are so blessed in the wonderful United States. I have watched children and women come to this well to pump their water over and over again. When is the last time I worried about where my water come from? When is the last time I had to pump it for myself? One little girl was dressed in clothes so thin and worn that her panties could be seen by everyone who passed by. How many clothes have I just thrown away because they were too stained to be seen in public? I am so thankful for my powerful God, my precious Jesus, my provider and sustainer! I am so thankful to Him for sending me here with this amazing team! He sent me here for many purposes, but today I gained a much deeper perspective. Please continue to pray for us, for our mission here, and for the beautiful people of Haiti!


from June 5

Report by Robin Barns

Today we held a women’s health clinic. The women were lined up outside the church for about 2 hours waiting for us. They asked for prayer for leading, their children and just needs. I met a pastor whose little 5-yr-old daughter had a very bad eye infection in March. He got medicine for her, but cannot afford more. I looked at her eyes and noticed they were not healed, and could only tell him how to keep them clean. What is such a simple fix at home could cause her to lose her vision. This afternoon we walked hut-to-hut, and I met Anna. Anna is 45 and has had a stroke, and has paralysis on her left side. Before we left, we asked if she needed anything…she said no. I can’t help but feel so spoiled and self-centered. You see, Anna lives in a hut. She has no doors, and her bed is a pallet on the concrete floor. In order for her to have water, someone has to pump it from a well and carry it in buckets to her. My heart is so completely broken for these people. Please keep praying for us and especially pray for these people. Pray for funding for the medical clinic…there is so much need!

Report by Kayla Hayden

Today was our first “work” day. This morning we split into 3 groups around the courtyard: construction, crafts, and hygiene. The goal for construction was to build cabinets and shelves for Ginette’s kitchen inside the mission house. She does so much for us, and she deserves something in return. Mr. John, Blaine, Mr. Cal and Faith worked nonstop for most of the day on this. Mary, Callie, Olivia and Ms. Pam did crafts with the kids during school. They made tambourines and played with bubbles. The kids are overjoyed at the simple things like this. The rest of us helped with the hygiene clinic for women. Women were lined up from the moment we woke up to attend the clinic. Mrs. Robin taught a short bible story, and we passed out basic supplies to them. (We made the bags yesterday, and we exceeded our goal of 300 with 359 bags made, and some supplies left over for next time.) We are so thankful. We had nothing, and all the generous donations made this happen. Please keep praying that we are fulfilling God’s plan for us, and that we teach God’s word to the best of our abilities.

Report by Ronda Taylor Cummings

Bon jour from Z’Orange! This is such an amazing place with such amazing people. At our meeting when we were preparing to come to Haiti, those who had come before tried to explain what to expect and said words just couldn’t describe it. They said the 2-hr ride from Port-au-Prince would be crazy, and the last hour would be on an unpaved, rocky, very bumpy road. We laughed all the way up the mountain as we bumped uncontrollably around in the vehicle! They said the people in Z’Orange were like family. As soon as we stepped out of our vehicle, we were surrounded by dozens of children who were hugging, laughing and wanting to be held. They said God’s spirit was definitely in this place! GOD IS IN THIS PLACE! They were right…words can’t explain how amazing it is here! Today we went hut-to-hut praying for people. In the first hut a grandmother, who was raising her deceased daughter’s children, allowed us to pray for them. Their home was a 1-room block building with a blanket on the floor for a bed. Another hut was the home of a voodoo priest who allowed us to pray for his sick wife. There is no running water here, and no electricity. It amazes me the love they have for Christ in such dire circumstances. I am so blessed that God allowed me to come on this mission trip to see what words just can’t describe! (Oh, and when Tami says zip up your suitcases so spiders can’t get in them, do it – because words can’t describe how big that tarantula was that John got out of the shower!)


from June 6

Report by Callie

Today our team got to experience one of the most heart fulfilling moments on our trip. We walked up to one of the orphanages to do what we thought was going to help them, but what we didn’t know is that they were going to touch each and every one of our hearts. We gathered the children into a circle and we all started singing. They were singing children’s bible songs in Creole, dancing, and laughing. Then we had the opportunity to listen to a boy play his guitar while he sang with the ladies. It was the most beautiful thing to listen to and watch. The Holy Spirit filled the room with tears of Joy. Jesus was there in that room with us, blessing us with the love of these children and the love they have for Him. We also had a hygiene clinic for the older girls, crafts for the little ones, and some outside activities to end the day. It was one of the most overwhelming times that I have ever experienced. God is so good. This phrase has been used so many times this week so I would love to share it with everyone else – ‘all is well with our souls’ over here in Z’Orange, Haiti. I cannot wait to see what else He has planned for our hearts this week. I pray that everyone gets to experience a day like we had today, whether it’s here or wherever God takes you. Open your hearts to what God is calling. It is truly a blessing!


from June 7

Report by Olivia

This trip has been by far one of the best experiences of my life, and I am beyond blessed to be able to be a part of Haiti #All-In. Each day we all get to witness people become closer to God and people learn about Jesus dying on the cross for them. All of the children are so excited to learn about God and want to become closer to him. While we build the basketball goal or build cabinets for Ginette, the Holy Spirit fills the room. Our hearts are so full of love for the children, God, and Z’Orange, and it is the best thing in the world. We are all becoming closer to being All In for Him, and each day it is so exciting to see how far each of us has come and how we are building relationships with the people in Z’Orange and with the other team members.


June 8

Report by Brittany 

I knew that coming to Haiti was something God wanted me to do, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous about coming to Z’Orange and leaving my family behind. I’m so happy that I decided to put my fears aside and trust God. This trip has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, and we still have half of the week to go – I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for our team. The people here have so little, but their hearts are filled with so much joy and love. Not only have I grown as a person, I’ve grown closer to God as well!

Report by Caroline & Tami – Day 5 in Z’Orange, Haiti

We serve an amazing God! Praise be to God, we all have had an amazing trip. We started the week off with a lot of obstacles to overcome. Our God has provided the way with His loving hands and we have grown from a team to a family. Bro. Chuck surprised the team and arrived in Z’Orange on Wednesday afternoon. We were all so happy to see him, and prayers were answered. He is still recovering and needs a few more tests to be run when he returns home, but we are thankful that he was able to come be with this team in Z’Orange.

The team has worked together to get cabinets and shelving completed in Ginette’s kitchen. John, Callie, Bri, Mary, Brittany, Faith and Leigh have found a hidden talent in construction and wood preservation, and reclaiming of wood. Cal, Blaine, Pam, Olivia and Ronda worked together, and a basketball goal is now in place for the children of Z’Orange. It was amazing to see the faces of the children filled with joy and excitement when the basketball goal was being carried and put in place. Robin, Bri, Callie, Olivia, Mary, Faith, Brittany, Kayla and Ronda have presented several women’s hygiene clinics this week around Z’Orange. While clinics were being presented Blaine, Olivia, Ronda, Brittany, Mary, Pam, Callie, and Kayla did bible stories and crafts with the children. Many hours have been spent just loving the children of Z’Orange as Christ has commanded us to do.

The team has all visited hut-to-hut, where we passed out hygiene bags and dresses. We also have been able to visit Daniel’s voodoo village, the orphanage, and Cambre school. We still have several construction projects to complete, and another clinic this afternoon, along with hut-to-hut visits. The team plans to go to the beach tomorrow and then will be heading home on Saturday. This trip has been amazing and a life changing experience for everyone. Many team members are already discussing their next trip to Z’Orange. God has truly blessed this team and ministry. Thanks to everyone who helped provide the means, support and love for our team to be part of TEM, serving the people of Z’Orange and glorifying our heavenly Father. Love and Blessings!

Haiti June 10, 2017
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