It looks like I’ll be writing the update again – the team is really tired. We had a full day of fun on the beach. This is the first time we have ever taken a group to a resort beach area. As I said in yesterday’s entry, this team deserved it. We left about 9:30 a.m. and arrived at the resort, Wahoo Bay, around 11:00. It has a beautiful beach with a swimming pool, volleyball and some small boats with oars that took most of the team snorkeling. The rest of the team played on the beach or went to the pool. This resort has a package deal for the beach, all the resort facilities and lunch. We all had chicken cooked several different ways – Haitian style, barbecued and breaded. We took all four interpreters, Blanco, our helper, and Ginette – none of them had ever been to a resort beach. Everyone had a great time – Ginette said this was the best day of her life! Around 3:30 p.m. we headed back to the mission house.

After arriving at the mission house the ladies (Lisa, Lisa, Linda & Ginette) met with the Haitian ladies at the church to talk about difficulties that the Haitian ladies go through in their lives. Some of the ladies started this on our last trip and the Haitian ladies love the interaction. I am praying for a ladies conference here. If the Lord puts this on your heart, God has answered my prayer. Please let me know.

Most of us did not eat dinner because we were so full from lunch, so we walked down to Daniel’s voodoo village to show one of the Jesus films. When we arrived a few children, led by Ginette, sang some Christian songs to us. When they finished the team sang some songs for them. The children love Father Abraham. When they finished singing Chuck G started the Jesus film; by this time there were well over a hundred people. I know it is hard to comprehend, but we were in the middle of a voodoo village showing the Jesus film! We are welcomed to come into the darkness with The Light by Daniel. As I have said before, there will be a day that God will build His church there. He had us plant a seed in that village in 2005, and we have watered it repeatedly over the years with VBS, teaching the Gospel of John, and showing the love of Christ by medical teams; His Word does not come back void.

We got back to the mission house after 10:00, and Chuck gave his testimony to the team. Afterward the team shared about their experiences today and what God had revealed to them. What a joy it is to see young people seeking the Lord. We need to pray not only for these young adults, but for all the children of our nation. We can look at all the bad things the youth of our nation are involved in or we can focus on, pray for, and encourage the ones who are seeking the Lord. We need to be their examples as we put God first in our lives.

Haiti June 7, 2012
Haiti June 5, 2012