Report by Jola Casey

We arrived in Z’Orange in perfect time. Perfect time because it was God’s time. I told the team early in the planning stages of our mission trip that our mission starts as soon as we say “yes.” The devil will mess with our plans, our finances, our families. Everything. Then I had to remind myself a thousand times of my words. Our flight was delayed in Kansas City due to mechanical problems on Tuesday. So when we finally got out of KC, we missed our connecting flight in Atlanta to Haiti. Delta compensated us with free hotel rooms and free food vouchers for each person. We all knew there was a reason for the delay and the team took it all in stride.

On Wednesday we made it to our gate in the Atlanta airport and waited for our flight. As usual the entire seating area was filled with missionary team heading to Haiti (distinguished by their group t-shirts). First-time missionary Brittany Savage suggested that we ALL come together and pray for our ministries in Haiti. A young man from Georgia volunteered to lead this huge circle of missionaries in prayer. The presence of the Holy Spirit in that place was palpable. We felt the conviction to serve God’s people more than ever.

We arrived on the mountain yesterday afternoon and have hit the ground running. The progress on our new missionary house has been phenomenal. We are blessed to have such an awesome team of flexible, loving, compassionate disciples. God will do great things this week. Please continue to pray for Truth Ministries and the work that is being done here to help the people.

Haiti June 15, 2018
Haiti June 13, 2018