Report by Pastor Jim Williams

The team made it safely to the hotel in Port-au-Prince yesterday afternoon. It was disappointing to have to leave our new friends and the mission house in Z’Orange a day early. However, the Hatian legislature is in session regarding their presidential election, and there was the possibility of traffic problems that may have caused great difficulty in being able to get into Port-au-Prince today to catch our early flight in the morning. The trip down the mountain was slow due to the steep, rugged terrain. But I’ll take that any day over the traffic in and around Port-au-Prince. It’s every man for himself! It was somewhat of a wild ride, but thankfully we had a great driver. I cannot find the words to express the thoughts and emotions of waving “goodbye” to the wonderful people of Z’Orange – especially the children – who had welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. It is my prayer that they felt the love of God through our ministry to them. We certainly came away with our cups overflowing with God’s blessings to us for having been with them.

After breakfast this morning Sara and Callie shared from Matthew 25 where Jesus taught the parable of the talents. We were challenged to continue to minister using the unique gifts God has given us. How timely! Haiti is not our only mission field. The opportunities to serve God by serving others will be just as great when we get back to America.

Brother Chuck brought in his friend Dodo who sells items that are handmade here in Haiti. The “market” was set up in my room and the shopping began. Lots of gifts and souvenirs from Haiti will be in our luggage when we fly out tomorrow. We also walked through some of the open-air markets near the hotel.

Throughout our trip we frequently found cards and notes of encouragement from our families and friends lying on our beds. The secret mail-person was always on time! On behalf of the team I want to say “thanks” to everyone everywhere for all the prayers and well-wishes! God has truly worked in the hearts and lives of each of our team members as we served Him together as foreign missionaries these last five days. To God be the glory! Great things He has done!

Haiti July 11, 2016
Haiti June 13, 2016