Today was a day of play. We went to Wahoo Beach Resort, which is about an hour and a half from here. It is a beautiful place with a large pool, volleyball, snorkeling and a beautiful beach. The youth  and the adults needed a break; they have really been working hard every day in the hot sun, so this was a day of fun and rest. After playing at the beach we had a delicious lunch of barbecue chicken, Creole chicken, grilled chicken and hamburgers – you could take your pick. After lunch we stayed until around 3:30, and then headed back and got to the mission house around 5. Ginette and Sandy prepared dinner and I thought the group would be tired, but they went out playing with the kids; now they are singing praise to the Lord. This is an awesome group – they are a joy to me.


Report by Ben Harris

This trip has been an amazing experience for me because I have realized how lucky we are in America. We have water pumps, electricity, and really good homes. So I am really happy that I came on this mission trip.


Report by Morgan Barber

This trip has been an eye-opening experience for me. For example, since we started I have only worked on building an outhouse. I thought that the process would only take 2 days – I was wrong. Day 5, and it still isn’t finished. This has made me thankful for a bathroom with walls and a door. My small group and I have been reading through Acts this week. This morning I read Chapters 7, 8, and 9; these chapters have taught me a lot about faith. In Chapter 7, Stephen stands up for his faith and is stoned for it. In Chapter 8, Philip is told by God to go to a random road, and he shares the gospel with an Ethiopian. In Chapter 9, Ananias is told to go to Saul and share the gospel with him. Saul is the same man who was persecuting people like Ananias! That took faith!

Haiti June 14, 2013
Haiti June 12, 2013