Report by Mikael Odum & Stephanie Hooker

Cannot believe it’s already day 2! Time is going by so quickly, but we are having an amazing time. Today we woke around 7:30 a.m. and ate Ginette’s eggs for breakfast, then we played with the kids by the mission house. After an hour or so, we came back inside and packed crafts and dresses for the kids in the orphanage. Then we hiked up to the orphanage where we played games, made crafts, sang songs, delivered clothes, and did a puppet show. It was the kids’ first time experiencing a puppet show, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The little girls and boys were very excited to receive the clothes and be able to spend time with us. We taught them some new games, which brought a ton of laughter to them.

The past two days this group has bonded and made relationships that we will be able to cherish forever. Every morning we have been doing a devotion, then singing as a group, which has been amazing! Last night after we finished playing with the kids, we came inside and some of us shared our highs and lows, and what has changed from the first day. Many people who were new to this trip said that they did not know how to communicate with the kids since we cannot understand them, but after spending only an hour or so with them they soon realized that the children just wanted our attention and to be loved on. The children are impacting our lives just as much as–if not more than–we are impacting theirs, and we know that God is going to do amazing things throughout these next few days.

Haiti June 11, 2016
Haiti June 9, 2016