Report by Chuck Guerber

Things are going well here in Haiti. We have had a lot of rain, which is a blessing; some flash flooding, but nothing destructive. The crops look really good, too.

A Haitian buddy of mine and I took the Jesus movie up into the mountains last Sunday night. There wasn’t much of a road, and sometimes not even much of a path. But I remembered a church that we passed last Easter when we hiked up to show the movie at a different location. I thought this other church might be another good place to show the film. Actually, any place is a good place to show the Jesus movie! So Sunday, late morning, my buddy Gibson and I took the ATV up to see if we could find this church. We found it, but the people were skeptical of us at first. Gibson explained to them the other places where we have gone and shown the movie, and then it was ok! (I’m glad they were skeptical, and not just letting anyone come up there.) Then we headed back home.

Upon arriving back at the mission house around 2:00 p.m., we noticed a party going on at pastor Do’s new house. Come to find out, it was his and his wife’s 41st wedding anniversary! They invited Gibson and myself over for food. It was a nice celebration.

Gibson and I went back up the mountain in the early evening to find many places along the path, within 1/4 mile of the church, lined with people coming to watch a movie about Jesus – the word was out. Of course, many have never seen a movie before, and no one had ever seen an ATV! Young and old were running behind us and clapping – they were soooo excited! It was quite moving. There were about 120 or so people that packed this little stick and tarp church in the middle of nowhere. Their eyes were glued to the film. They clapped when Jesus raised the dead girl, they moaned when Jesus was beaten, and they clapped and said ‘Amen’ when Jesus was raised from the dead and showed himself to the Apostles. It was a blessing for me to watch.

The pastor and the people were very friendly; they want us to come back more often. On Sunday night we showed the Jesus movie that is geared more towards kids. We have another movie called ‘The Hope’ – which starts at creation and goes through Pentecost – that we can also show. Both are spoken in the Haitian Creole language. By the Grace of God, we’ll be back!

We got back kind of late Sunday night, but I’m thankful that God has provided us a good source of transportation for these mountains. There were times I didn’t think we could make it, even with the ATV, but by the Grace of God, all went well.

Haiti July 15, 2013
Haiti July 3, 2013