Today has been a fun day. Half of the team hung around the mission house, then went to visit neighbors and love on them. It is so peaceful here. The people are honored that you would take the time to come and sit on their porch and play with their kids and talk to them about whatever. It’s like time stands still for a while….there is no hurry to go anywhere, only to sit and listen and enjoy communicating with someone not worried about time or where else you need to be.

While we were doing this the other half of the group hiked up to Jerusalem IV to visit and take some medical supplies to them in case they need them in the future. It is a very hard hike that takes about 2 hours, and the first 45 minutes are at a very, very steep incline. Only the healthy need to attempt this hike. As usual the people were so happy to see the Americans, as the Americans were to see them. They left around 8 a.m. and arrived back around 1 p.m., excited to tell of their adventures along the way.

Today is our last day here in Z’Orange. Tomorrow will be a sad day for both Americans and Haitians as we leave around 1 p.m. to go to Port-au-Prince. The team will stay in a hotel there tomorrow night so they can be at the airport early Monday morning to catch their flight.


Report by Corinne Hutchison

To put it simply, Haiti is my home away from home. Right now I only have the opportunity to travel over here about once a year; even though that’s not quite enough, it is always a joy to see my sweet Haitian friends. For this trip our primary focus has been medical clinics, and we’ve seen and attempted to treat about 350 people. The medical clinics were a new experience for me, but I did enjoy them and what God placed in front of us. Yesterday we went to the orphanage, which is one of my favorite places to go here in Haiti. As soon as we got off the truck we were greeted by sweet little kiddos cheering, waving and hugging us. We sang songs in English and Creole and just enjoyed our time with the kids. This afternoon we spent time with our kids outside and even got the chance to help feed them. It was such a joy to see their smiling faces as their bellies were nice and full with food. The profound impact that Haiti has on me each time I come, is the joy and happiness that the Haitian people share with us. They have very few material things but their hearts are full with love. It is incredible to be around them and very humbling. I am sad we are leaving Monday, but even now I am looking forward to my next trip and the joys and experiences it will bring.

Haiti July 31, 2016
Haiti July 29, 2016