Wednesday night (July 29) we had the joy of praising the Lord with Jerusalem IV. As you can tell by the photos, we all were in the Spirit. Seriously, we danced and praised the Lord for a half hour before the groups sang, and then Pastor Jeremy gave a powerful yet simple message of “All we need is Jesus.” When you see the Haitian people sitting on a 2″x6″ board, 12 feet long, that would fall over if they were not sitting on it, you would not believe that they could have so much joy. They sit 12-13 to a bench. It truly was a wonderful night of worship.

Thursday (July 30) – A wonderful day of fun and play for the team! We usually don’t have enough time to enjoy the beauty of Haiti, but when our trips are a little longer than a week we can go to places like Love A Child and Wahoo Beach. The drive to the beach takes about 1-1/2 hours, then we make a day of snorkeling, swimming, playing shuffleboard, etc., and have lunch afterward. What a great team this is – we have people from Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Missouri.

Tomorrow we will be back to work with a medical clinic at Jerusalem I, taking the sick people from Jerusalem II who will walk down a mountain for 2 hours to see a doctor, then have a 2-hour walk back home. Please continue to pray for the team and the Clinic/Hospital the Lord is going to build in Z’Orange one day.

Haiti July 31, 2015
Haiti July 29, 2015