We have been working on Simon’s house for a couple of years, and we are only halfway finished. We have been able to buy the land, build the wall and gate, and build the walls for the house. We now need funds to build the concrete roof, which will be very expensive because of the cost of concrete and rebar. The house has three rooms that need to be covered; the cost will be around $7000. After that, all that’s left will be windows, doors, and furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom, and Simon and his family can move into their house. Simon has just graduated from seminary – what a wonderful gift it would be to finish his house by the end of this year!

Everyone who has met Simon knows that he is a man of God. We are blessed to have such a man of integrity to work with us. Please search your heart and see if the Lord wants you to be a part of this blessing through prayer or gifts.

Haiti July 8, 2013
Haiti Bargain-Bake Sale June 2013