Report by Brittany Tiller

We have arrived and man, it feels so good to be back! After a 7-hour layover in Atlanta, a 1-1/2 hour delay on the plane, and a 2 hour drive up the mountain — We. Are. Here! I have been numerous times to Haiti, but the last time I was here was 3 years ago. The people here are still as sweet as ever, and this place is such a breath of fresh air. There is none of the chaos of our American everyday lives…things are just simple here. It gives the opportunity to think and be with the Lord–in silence. It is literally an emotional detox. Seriously, I’ve cried about 5 times, and we haven’t even been here a full day — fun stuff, I tell ya. Jesus is so present here. We are right in the middle of our first day of the medical clinic here at Jerusalem I; everything has gone so smoothly, and people are getting the help they need. God is good–ALL THE TIME! I got to visit with a long time Haitian friend of mine, Elimise, this morning, and had the opportunity to hold her 3-month old baby (that was one of those “emotional detoxing moments” I mentioned before). I cannot wait to see what else The Lord has in store for us this week. Be in prayer for all of us to stay healthy and energized so that we can do the work The Lord has called us here to do.

Haiti July 27, 2016
Haiti July 25, 2016