Report by Jenna

Today was very interesting! But first I must start with yesterday. Yesterday I met my sponsored child (through TEM), Solane Pierre. What a blessing it was! When I saw her, I grabbed an interpreter to translate, and told her that I was sponsoring her to go to school. Her face lit up, and she told the interpreter to tell me she loves me! My heart melted and I told the interpreter to tell her I love her, too! Now, on to today . . . where do I begin? We woke up and got ready for morning devotions and breakfast. God is really speaking to me about being a missionary here. He’s telling me, “Go, live in Haiti, be a light unto the whole country.” Anyway, after breakfast we got ready and hiked to an orphanage (I didn’t pass out, J) where 29 sweet orphans awaited our arrival. We played with them, painted their nails, did crafts, and spent time with them. After that we came back to the mission house and had downtime. Those who were in skits went to practice, and everyone else just chilled. I am so blessed to have been able to come back to Haiti; I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me, and for the rest of the team. Please pray for all of us for the rest of the trip – pray that God will speak through all of us, and will help us endure the rest of our time here. Pray for Daniel, the voodoo priest, that he may have his heart changed and follow Christ, and leave voodoo behind. Pray for the children. At VBS today I met a little girl who had a horrible cough, which might have been whooping cough, I’m not sure. Please pray for her as well. Pray for the team’s health, as a lot of us have gotten sick. I love Haiti so much, and I am so pumped to see what God has in store the rest of the trip!

Haiti July 21, 2013
Haiti July 19, 2013