Report by Bailey Harkins

Today we all experienced our first adventure of the year in Haiti (other than riding in Gabriel in the rain on the way up to Z’Orange yesterday). We started our day with quiet time and a breakfast of pop tarts and cereal. Our first project was to paint a newly built outhouse at Jerusalem IV. While some were painting, others were traveling from hut-to-hut spreading the Gospel. It was a blessing that we were able to split into two groups so that we could all use our own gifts to make a difference in the people’s lives. We traveled back for lunch, and were able to do a VBS-type activity with the children around the mission house. All of the children are eager to be held and to be loved; the language barrier was never a problem, because hugs and high-fives go a long way. Loving the kids of all ages isn’t hard when we have all experienced God’s love in our own lives and have parents, friends, and families who show us this love. My favorite moment of the day was being able to bandage and clean out kids wounds in the midst of today’s activities. God shows me more and more each day that He will give us opportunities when we pray for them and when we are willing to fulfill them. Today our group was challenged by Philippians 1:1-11 to pray for our team members and to encourage them just as Paul did for those at the church of Philippi. We ask that you join our team in prayer that God would give us the strength to do what He calls us to do throughout the rest of the week.

Haiti July 20, 2013
Haiti July 18, 2013