This was probably the shortest trip I have ever taken to Haiti, and the most peaceful. I was not preparing for teams coming in, so I had time to spend with Simon and Pastor Do discussing future plans for Z’Orange.

The first order of business was the school – we will be taking over all the finances of the school. Pastor Do has not been able to pay the teachers every month due to the poverty in the area, especially this year with the dry season hurting the crops in the area.  Clint and Lisa Downing, Shirley and I will be meeting with Lisa Smith of Creative Web Solutions this Wednesday to look over the website that we will be using for the sponsorship of the children. This is a very exciting time for the school and for TEM. Lisa Eaves, from Rocky Bayou Christian School, talked to the Haitian teachers in June about a teachers conference, and they are very excited about that event.

You can sponsor a child for $25 a month, or a one-time year sponsorship for $250. All sponsors will be able to see on the website their child’s picture and all of his or her information, such as birthday, age, grade, etc. You may choose the gender, we will choose the child; Pastor Do and his staff know the children who need help. Please pray about sponsoring one of these children. This is a Christian school that teaches about Christ and the Christian way of life, along with the studies that are required by the country of Haiti.

The second order of business deserves a big Hallelujah!!!  We finally have the title for the land at Jerusalem IV, where we plan to build a church. We paid for this land a year and one month ago. I can’t even begin to tell you the problems we’ve had, but I can sum it up by saying, “It’s Haiti.” We are praying to drill a well and begin construction on the church – God is so, so good!

The Lord continues to fulfill His Visions in Z’Orange by using the body of TEM. I sincerely want to thank everyone who prays, gives, and goes with us to carry the Good News of our Lord to Haiti. God bless.

Greetings from India
Haiti June 29, 2012