Report by Pastor Jesse L. Nelson

I really did not know what to expect when I came to Haiti with Truth Evangelistic Ministry. I only knew Bro. Chuck through a mutual friend. I had heard several “horror” stories about what could happen to me in Haiti from other people. And after my consultation with the nurse at the health department, I was certain all the stories were true. But everything has gone well. Once I arrived at the airport in Port au Prince (after a couple of flight delays), I made it through Customs with no problem. Bro. Chuck was there to meet me, and a peace came over me; I know Bro. Chuck is a man of God.

We went to the mission house in the mountains. It was a really bumpy ride. Once I arrived at the mission house, I saw children everywhere. The accommodations at the mission house are comfortable. There is clean running water, electricity, and a hot meal at least once a day. I thought I was going to lose weight while in Haiti, but Ms. Ginnette (the ministry chef) does a great job of providing 3 meals a day.

Although I traveled by myself, I am working with a church group, Ebenezer Baptist Church of Laurel Hill, FL. As of today, we have conducted 6 VBS sessions throughout Z’Orange and shared the gospel with people as we walked along the roads. I had the opportunity to lead one man to Christ and pray for several others. Every village or church we’ve served has been very hospitable. I was surprised by their warm welcome, but it is evidence of the work that TEM is doing in Haiti. They (we) are showing the Haitian people the love of Jesus Christ.

I knew God wanted me to come to Haiti but the vision for what He wanted me to do was unclear. However, since I have been here God has given me a vision. He is speaking to me through Scriptures and people constantly. My spiritual cup is overflowing. Bro. Chuck and Bro. Pat (a man of God) are very encouraging. God has used them every day to speak into my life and ministry. As I study the book of James for my devotions, God speaks loud and clear through His word every morning. He opens my eyes so I can see how to do ministry with TEM here in Haiti. I am excited about what God has shown me. I am ready to go home and get to work. And I can’t wait to come back in 2016 to serve Haiti with TEM. I pray God will bless and keep Bro. Chuck, Pat and Truth Evangelistic Ministry.

Haiti July 16, 2015
Haiti July 14, 2015