Report by Chuck Guerber

The last few days have been busy getting ready for the team that comes in on the 18th. There’s always a list that seems to never end. But it’s good work, and working for the Lord is always enjoyable!

This afternoon I received a call from Jerry Lantz from ‘Kids Against Hunger.’ They were going to be passing through and wanted to know if they could drop off some food for the orphanage on the hill. What a blessing! I met them and they unloaded 6 pails of food packets, which amounts to 216 meals per pail. I brought them back to the mission house then loaded them in the ATV. The kids were happy and surprised to see such a big amount of food; they quickly helped unload it. The lady who runs it (the orphanage) was so appreciative and thankful. But like I told them, I had nothing to do with it, it comes from Jesus! Thank the Lord – which they did.

It was a great way to close out a busy day. The glory goes to God!

Haiti July 18, 2013
Haiti July 8, 2013