Report by Olivia Thompson

Yesterday after eating the lunch Ms. Ginette prepared for us, we went to Palto to love on kids and share words about God. Brother Bill spoke on the subject of Zacchaeus, and how he was so caught up in sin. However, God loved him the same as all of us, so Jesus asked him to come down from the tree and told him that he would be going to his house that day. All of us have sinned, but we have a good, good Father, who loves unconditionally and can forgive sins from our past. These kids needed to hear this–just like we all do–because the world is full of sin, no matter where you are. Worship at this church was amazing, you could tell that the Holy Spirit filled the room! No matter how small or how nice a building, what matters is the people who fill it and their attitudes. Everywhere you glanced you would see a beautiful smile. We played a game with the kids, and they made Salvation bracelets. Then we gave out more of the dresses that the ladies of Eastside made.

After this we went back to the mission house and stayed outside with the kids until dinnertime. It is so wonderful how the kids may not even know your name but will just grab your hand and sit with you. Ms. Ginette made Haitian food that was delicious, so we went to bed with full hearts and stomachs!

Today, we woke up and held a VBS Jerusalem IV. We shared the story of Daniel and the lions, and had a craft to go along with it–so far the day has been great and a blessing!

Haiti July 15, 2017
Haiti July 12, 2016