Report by Katilyn Geohagan

Wow is all I can say! First, I can’t believe I am really here, especially since I used to say I would never fly, but through the power of A LOT of prayer I made it. I am so glad God brought me here and is allowing me to be a part of this great mission. I am so overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Haitians. Yesterday when we arrived we came in and ate, then we went outside and, as soon as we stepped outside we were swarmed with children – I loved it! I made a special friendship with a little girl, and we played all afternoon until the dinner bell rang. I was so sad to leave her, and she was sad, too. I really don’t want to leave her when I have to leave on Saturday.

Today was very special; for the first time ever I was able to take part in church service here in Haiti, and even though I had no idea what they were singing, God was still moving and I was able to worship God just as if I knew what they were saying. My dad, DeWayne, had the honor and the privilege to preach this morning. It was very different from a normal sermon in the States, because there had to be an interpreter, of course, and it was something that I had never seen before.

After church we ate and then got together and walked around the village to talk with the people, and also to pass out some food that Bro. Chuck receives to give to the Haitians. We went down to Daniel’s voodoo village – seeing things there gave me a new perspective on the practice of voodoo. We also went to see the place for the future clinic and hospital; this was very special to me because I am starting college in a few weeks so I can become a physician. They still need a lot of money to make this dream a reality, and I know God will make a way.

Walking around the village and seeing how these people live, and then seeing how happy they are, really made me appreciate what I have at my house. God has truly blessed me with a great home and family that provides for my needs and most of my wants. I love it here in Haiti, and I know I am coming back again – hopefully very soon – but maybe one day for a very long time. Maybe one day I can come back and the clinic/hospital will be open, and I can not only help save lives, but also plant seeds that may, most importantly, help save souls. May God bless you!

Haiti July 13, 2015
Haiti July 11, 2015