Today we all got up around 7 a.m. and had our coffee before breakfast. Everyone had a good night’s sleep – most people do, after the long trip from the States. The nights here this time of year are kind of chilly, which is a great change from the summertime – you need a thin blanket.

When we finished breakfast, we loaded up Gabriel and headed to a church in Port au Prince. The team did an awesome ladies conference, and then they had a Haitian lunch. Afterward they did VBS with the children.

While they were doing this, Simon and I took the four Canadian girls who are visiting with us to a guest house for a couple of days. Irene has been here before, and she wanted to take the other girls to see some of the places that she visited a couple of years ago. When we dropped them off Simon and I had errands to run, which took about 4 hours. The traffic in Port au Prince is crazy!

When we returned to the church, the team was ready to go back up the mountain to the mission house. We got back about 6 pm. and, as usual, Ginette had dinner waiting and the lights on – just like home!

We all had a great day with the Lord. I know we were blessed, and I’m sure the Haitian people were, as well.

Haiti January 5, 2014
Haiti January 3, 2014