Last night was a hard night for some. There are all kinds of strange sounds here that we don’t hear at home, like donkeys, mules, roosters, dogs, and people yelling at all hours. You never know what you’re going to hear. Last night it sounded like a donkey was giving birth for about two hours. Thank goodness for earplugs!

Today after breakfast and our devotion, we started finishing up all the projects and storing things away for the next team. All the shower stalls except one have been grouted, and all the tile is finished in the bathrooms. The serving line is also finished–it looks great! Everything really looks good–the mission house is becoming a home now.

I had asked Chuck to keep a list of how many people he has shown the ‘Jesus film’ to. He has taken it out 11 nights, and 1200 people have been shown the Truth–Hallelujah!! The Word never comes back void!

An American group from Wisconsin that is staying in tents down the road just visited us. They could not believe such a nice place existed here. It was nice to have guests and show off what the Lord has done with His ministry. After they left I had a nice visit with Pastor Fanis from Jerusalem II. He said they are doing great in their new location, and they just had five new Christians added to the Kingdom!

Tomorrow we all will leave for home except Karl–he will be leaving on Sunday. George left this morning about 6 a.m., and called me about 2 p.m. and said he arrived home safely.

Haiti January 21, 2012
Haiti January 19, 2012