Report by Irene

Finally I’m back in Haiti – I can’t believe it! Haiti has a way of stealing its way into your heart. I’ve been gone way too long. I’ve missed it badly since I left in 2012, where we (Nelly and I) spent a week at this mission house with Bro. Chuck, and many other places too. The children especially captured my heart – the way they are, live and act. Acts of kindness, sharing the little they have and still being happy – but all of them longing for love, true love that only Jesus can give. But Jesus uses people to show his love for other people. This time God put in my heart to share a mission trip and all the lessons it teaches about God’s greatness and people’s need with my sister and two friends. God opened a door, and we could go, no church behind us, but God. So far we’ve had some really interesting experiences. We were excited to share the joy of Christmas with the kids of Haiti. First everything worked out, until we arrived at the airport where we had some difficulties. The only option left was to go a week later. We didn’t understand God’s plan, but we knew He was in control.

On the way back home God sent the first sign – a pastor who is involved in missions and has a great love to reach the people with the Gospel of Christ. He was an encouragement, who also prayed for our safety and blessing in Haiti. Then on the flight here, which was on Dec. 31, we spent New Years at the airport of Lauderdale, where we had a 7-hour wait. After spending time in prayer under beautiful palm trees at the airport, we met two amazing Christians. The fellowship was great, a unique experience, even though it wasn`t in a church building. Now we understood God’s plan, some divine appointments. He’s so great, He knows what we need more than we do.

After arriving in Haiti, I had some positive surprises – the airport area was nicely renovated, the streets were much cleaner, and there was not as much traffic and people as normal, but due to the holidays. I guess for the other three girls it was more of a shock to see the lifestyle and the devastating condition of the city. Finally we arrived safely at the mission house through treacherous mountains with an overloaded car, and we thanked God for his greatness. I felt like coming home, and kept looking for the kids I met last time, and pretty soon they started showing up, one by one. Initially the others went through the culture shock, getting used to the way of living and not getting everything you take for granted back home. But that’s one of the reasons we came here, to see how happy and content the Haitian people are with the little they have – it’s such a blessing.

Yesterday we walked through the village accompanied by kids. The two teens of our group started seeing the need, and helped young girls pumping water from the well. It’s a pleasure to see them so involved and so compassionate.

Today we joined Bro. Chuck and Simon with grocery shopping in Port au Prince – what an experience! The narrow aisles, buying lots of groceries for the next group, and then the big surprise at the register: $7000 was expected, but Bro. Chuck knew something was totally off. And, matter of fact, they charged $6000 for only 2 dozen coke bottles. But the problem was fixed pretty soon, and we were on our way back. After arriving here, Bro. Chuck took us to a former voodoo priest and showed us part of the village. After supper he shared his amazing testimony,and we went back outside to the kids – they loved being held and given attention. One girl told me that she was sick and I offered to pray for her, which we did right there at the street.

Our God is so great! We look forward to what He has in store for us for the rest of our time here in Haiti.

Haiti January 3, 2014
November 19, 2013