Today was the first day I did not have to go to Port, and it was a most relaxed day. After breakfast Karl had devotion ready for us–I have to say it is one of the best parts of the day. Then he went over a few things that needed to be done, but most everyone knew what they would be doing. Karl, Bill and Bryan headed up toward the church to run new wire from the generator to the church. We needed 10/2 to get power to the back fans in the church. Unfortunately, because they had not been receiving enough power, the motors had burned up, so now we have the wire run but we need to buy two new fans.

Joe and Chuck sanded the serving line cabinets, and then they began varnishing them, while Ken and George started laying the small tile in the showers. After Bryan, Bill and Karl finished running the wire for the church, they tackled the job of working on Gabriel. We have been having some trouble with the brakes, so they worked on them for a while and then took a test drive up to Soto–a town about 20 minutes north of here. They made it just fine, but they’re going to work on the brakes again tomorrow to see if I need to bring in any parts next time. A man named John, who lives in Wisconsin and who has worked on these trucks before, is going to come over and help us with Gabriel. He doesn’t know it yet, but the Lord will let him know when he is supposed to come.

It is amazing all the projects that have been completed this week with just a few men. Each time a team comes, the mission house just gets better and better for the next team. I am hoping that when I return I can find some plastic dishes, bowls, cups and utensils–about 30 sets. I would also like to find someone to make curtains for all our windows, to provide a little privacy–I’m going to measure all the windows tomorrow. If I can get the next team that comes to leave all their sheets, blankets, towels and pillows here, we will have enough so that no one will have to bring them again. If team members don’t have to bring all those large items, they will have space in their luggage to bring other things.

Please be praying for land to build a clinic. I know that the Lord will provide for His clinic here, in His timing. I gave the turkey a reprieve–Chuck said all presidents do that! We may have him for a special celebration with a large team.

Haiti January 20, 2012
Haiti January 18, 2012