Today was a very long and hard work day. The guys have so much to do, and the time is getting short; we finished breakfast and immediately went to work. Most of us started putting up the tin, and Ken and some others started working on face plates and other things that had to be done. After a very busy morning, we knocked off around 11:30 for lunch; then I had to have a meeting with the teachers for an hour, which is always a lot of fun.

After lunch we started back to work, and the men finished one side of the tin and started building a small open room next to the school. This room will not have walls, but will have a tin roof that adjoins the school; I’m sure that later we will enclose it and add other rooms. The school is going to look so much bigger with the roof and enclosed porch.

We finished up around 5 p.m. Ginette had cooked fried chicken for dinner – it was delicious! After dinner Chuck 2, Simon and Angie went down to Daniel’s voodoo village to show the Jesus film. How many voodoo priests would ask you to come and show the Jesus film? – God is working in that village. We planted a seed there in 2005, and we continue to water it – it has to grow. I have often said that one day we will tear down the voodoo temple and build a church where it was – what a defeat that will be for satan!  Please be praying for Daniel and all the people in the village, that they will accept the Savior tonight.

Tomorrow the team will be finishing up the roof and other projects, as George and I go to Port to take care of a few things. Please continue to pray for safety for the team – sometimes we get in a hurry when we’re trying to finish a project, and are not as careful as we should be.

Haiti January 18, 2013
Haiti January 16, 2013