Yesterday started out with church at Jerusalem I, and afterward we took a walkabout to the orphanage that is not too far from us. The team and the Haitian kids at the orphanage played games, sang songs and painted fingernails–everyone had a great time. The SC team had brought dresses with them that were made by a group of women who wanted to bless these little girls. They also made shorts for the boys. Thank you ladies, the boys and girls loved them.

After we got back from the orphanage we had dinner, and some of the team members loaded up on Gabriel (our military truck)  to go to Jerusalem IV for church. At this church the Haitians really get into worship–they sing and they dance. The team had a blast!

Today is the beginning of why we are really here. The team is taking photos of the sponsored students so we can send sponsors an up-to-date photo and a letter from their student. Thanks for all your prayers. We are having so much fun with the children here.

Haiti January 17, 2017
Haiti January 15, 2017