Report by Angie Leiber

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”   – Matthew 19:26

In November 2009, Chuck, Karl, myself and a small team traveled to Z’Orange, Haiti. We stayed in Port au Prince at a guest house nightly, and traveled the hour or so drive up to Z’Orange each day. Chuck shared with us a vision the Lord had laid upon his heart – to have a mission house in Z’Orange, so that we could stay in the village. We discussed possibilities such as location, size, cost, etc.; it was a definitely a God-size project! We then began to pray about it together as we walked the area that seemed to be the most probable location. (Two months later the earthquake happened, and Haiti was totally devastated. TEM’s focus was immediately turned to meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the country.) Today, just over 3 years later, we are staying at the guest house in Z’Orange, Haiti. You are amazing, Lord!

The men completed the purling work on the roof today, and have ¼ of the installation of tin roofing set in place. It is such a blessing to see these men of God working together and encouraging one another. The First Baptist Church (FBC) of St. Charles team worked alongside them, and also conducted a morning bible study with the children at the school. Then after lunch the whole team of FBC St. Charles went to Daniel’s village; Daniel is a local voodoo priest, and he had given permission to conduct VBS there. It was very well attended by children, as well as teens and adults. They were receptive, and we continued to press this village before the Lord to be released from Satan’s grip. Daniel asked Chuck if we would come back tomorrow night and show the Jesus film. Please commit this to prayer – God is at work! The FBC St. Charles team soon headed back to Port to minister for 2 more days. What a blessing they were to us here! We have made many new friends in Christ. It is so exciting when God’s people – the church – work together for HIS glory! Amen!!

Haiti January 17, 2013
Haiti January 15, 2013