Today was a great day for me for several reasons. First, this is the first day in three days that I have not had to go to Port, which is always wonderful for me to stay up here in the country and not have to go to the city. Second, we have guests who will spend the night with us. Pastor Brad, from First Baptist Church of St. Charles MO, brought his team, not only to visit but also to help us with the school and to have VBS with the children. We are so blessed now to have a mission house so that we can invite friends to stay!
They arrived about 11 a.m. and, after greeting everyone and a tour of the mission house, it was time for lunch. Immediately after lunch they were ready to get started. Some of the team worked on the school, while others had VBS with the kids from the surrounding area. Afterward they took a walkabout with Chuck 2 to see the valley. Chuck is great at this – he knows everyone here, and he walks along the paths introducing everyone.
Ginette had three women helping her prepare a Haitian meal for us. We are having have fried chicken, rice, red sauce for rice, pickles (hot slaw) with fried bananas, and many other dishes. Ginette has a way of spoiling us, for sure.
After dinner Chuck is going to set up the Jesus film on the side of the road just down from us. It is amazing how many people will stop and watch the film. This is the second time he has shown the film since he has been here. One night Ken and Chuck went up to a church nearby to show the film, and so many people came in late they showed it again – and no one left! This is Chuck’s ministry, and what a great ministry it is. The Haitian people sit and listen very intently as they hear the Word of God and, as we know, His Word does not come back void. Thank you again for your prayers.

Haiti January 16, 2013
Haiti January 14, 2013