We had a wonderful day of rest with our Lord. We slept a little late and had a late breakfast, and afterward Karl led us in Sunday school. We had about an hour before church just to relax and talk, and around 11 a.m. we went up to the church, where the Haitians were singing and praising the Lord. After a lot of singing, Karl preached a powerful sermon on the benefits of being a Christian. When church was over Ginette set out our lunch, which consisted of turkey sandwiches and Pringles…mmm good! After lunch I told everyone that it was a day to do whatever they wanted to do – nap, work on the school, take a walkabout, or whatever. They took my advice and did a little of all the above.

I took a little hour nap myself, and when I got up it was time for Karl and me to go into Port au Prince to pick up Angie (Karl’s wife) and Skip Barth from St. Louis. Again the Lord was with us, as the plane was on time and all their luggage arrived. We made it back to the mission house about 6 p.m., just in time for dinner.  And, speaking of food, I want to thank Oneita Harrell for the snacks she sent with Joe for the team – we finished them off this morning (they may have lasted 12 hours!).

Tomorrow Simon and I will be going back into Port early in the morning to pick up supplies for the team, while the team will be in full swing working on the trusses. We have the rest of the week to finish the roof. One thing I am assured of is that God will have us exactly where he wants us by the end of the week. It will be great if we finish, but I pray that we show the love and joy of our Lord as we do His work, and that Christ can be seen in us as we work alongside the Haitians – that is more important than the building. Please be praying for safety for the team.

Haiti January 14, 2013
Haiti January 12, 2013