Report by Irene

What an emotional last day! As I sit here, memories start flashing up. What a great experience to be here and experience the presence of God and his work among the Haitian people and in us. Sadness is creeping in as we are about to leave this beautiful country and it’s people, especially the children. Today the other team left in the morning – we really enjoyed working alongside them, serving the same God. God is great! Today we had to do VBS by ourselves with Pastor Dieuvert as translator. After the song and the story we explained the salvation plan; we were amazed how well the kids participated and answered the questions. Then we explained that the kids of one family in Canada sacrificed their savings to help poor kids in Haiti – that’s why we could buy school supplies to give to them. Another God-given project was to give away t-shirts with the message,”You’re fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), donated by a company where Justina works. The kids understood that the gifts were a sign to show them the love God has for them, and they replied “Merci, Jezi.”

In the afternoon we walked to an orphanage where we did another VBS, and also used playdough to create the baby Jesus in the manger. Kids of all ages enjoyed it. In the end the kids received self-made dolls created by Melissa’s two little sisters from Canada.

By the end of our day, time came to say goodbye to the kids – tears were flowing, sad faces…especially little John, who stood outside and looked very sad. He and Justina had a very special bond, and it was heartbreaking to see. We gave him hugs and told him that Jesus loves him, and informed the other kids that we would return if God opens a door. We’re excited to see what God is going to do next in each of our lives to glorify His name.

Teacher's Conference
Haiti January 10, 2014