Report by Angie Leiber

Our morning started with the roosters announcing the beginning of another day in the Lord. Ginette prepared breakfast, Karl led in spiritual food with Psalm 91, and we committed the day to the Lord in prayer. The team began working on the trusses for the roof of the school building. It is such a blessing to see men of God working together for His Glory. The children had school in the outside air tents and church building today, as they observed from a distance the men displaying to them in real time GOD’S LOVE for them.

Chuck, Simon, and I went to Port au Prince to run several errands. Our first stop was at Batimat, the Lowe’s of Haiti. We ordered materials for 5 more trusses and had them delivered to Z’Orange so the men would have them in the afternoon. Then we met a police officer at the airport to get information on the procedure for getting an airport pass for Chuck, which will allow him access into the airport to meet teams inside when they are arriving in PAP. Please add this to your prayer list – that God will make the way for the pass to be approved and issued quickly. Then we returned to Batimat to straighten out some confusion on board sizes, and decided to have Simon stay and supervise as we continued with errands. Next we filled up with fuel and got a propane tank filled. Then we shopped for food for the rest of the week, grabbed some lunch, and discovered we were ahead of schedule.

We contacted a friend of mine in the area who is on fellowship with Global Orphan Project here in Haiti. We discovered that we were somewhat close and went to visit her, Brandi, at the orphanage – what a blessing that was for me! I had hoped to see her, and God provided the way today – my first full day in Haiti – thank you, Lord! Next we met back up with Simon and got ice and frozen chicken, then began our journey back to Z’Orange. All of this took from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. When we got back to the mission house, the men had assembled and placed in position 9 of the 14 trusses – WOW! They were tired, but excited at the progress and safety the Lord allowed them today – it was a full and blessed day. We thank you all for your commitment to keeping us in your prayers – God is answering!

We are all an important part of the body of Christ, and we thank you for your support in allowing us to come, holding us up in prayer, and keeping the home fires burning. God bless you all!

Haiti January 15, 2013
Haiti January 13, 2013