The photos you see here are of the new Sonflower House. Jan and Jola from KS are following the vision the Lord gave them to spend more time in Haiti; they plan to teach the Haitian ladies how to sew on the old Singer-like sewing machines, hold hygiene classes, and get them involved in many other programs.

Cal and John, from Walterboro SC, came on this trip with me. We arrived January 30, and will be going home tomorrow. We have 3 teams coming to Z’Orange beginning February 24 and ending March 14, and I had to have some help getting things in order at the mission house in Z’Orange. The most important job was to change out the fan clutch on Gabriel. That took about half a day. After John finished that, Gabriel kept going dead, so we had a new problem to solve. I called a mechanic in Memphis TN, and John called a friend in Walterboro. Come to find out, we were supposed to have new fuel filters on Gabriel when we bought it, but they were far from new and they were full of debris. Simon and I took the old fuel filters to Port-au-Prince and, to my surprise, we found the same ones at a small auto store. Long story short, Gabriel is now up and running and ready for the upcoming teams.

While Simon and I were gone to Port, John and Cal cut trim for the inside doors of the bathrooms in the mission house and stained them. The next day Cal put polyurethane on the trim and all the cabinets in Ginette’s kitchen…it looks great! We completed many other tasks, but it would probably be boring to read about all of them. Of course, all were accomplished with the guidance of the Lord. Thank you all for your prayers and gifts.

Pastor John Renel is still in pretty bad shape. I was told that he was a lot better, but he is not. He has a broken collarbone, and it will be a couple of weeks before they can do any surgery. Please continue to pray for him.

February 22, 2019
Haiti February 2, 2019