Report by John McInnis, Interim Pastor, Wright Baptist Church

The evangelism team went hut-to-hut this morning. The team prayed with all of the people we visited and invited them to revival services at Jerusalem Church. Many were already believers. Some people want to believe but are reluctant. One person lives in a voodoo compound and was not responsive to the gospel, but the team had prayer with her for salvation and God’s blessings. However, we can rejoice in the 6 people who did invite Jesus to forgive their sins and give them eternal life. Pray for Therese, Vilis, Kedline, Fortune, Maxon, and Maxo. Pray for the pastor and leaders at Jerusalem as they follow up on these new believers. Two families wanted us to see them on Tuesday night to tell them about salvation. The evangelism team will continue to follow up on these families and expand our outreach on Wednesday and Thursday to share the love of God through Jesus Christ. The Lord is so good.


Report by Adrienne Fedora & Harmony Osborn, RCBC

The women had a second morning conference today. The conference went well, with about 10 more women than yesterday – 28 total. We talked about Mary and Martha and how, as Christians, we need to do things not grudgingly, but with joy from the heart. The Haitian women participated more today in asking questions.

Today’s clinic at the church here was slower than yesterday, but several people were helped. A young boy of about 11 came with an arm that had been broken a few months ago.  The arm had healed incorrectly and a doctor at the government hospital had re-broken it and set a pin in it that would not allow the boy to move his arm, in order for it to heal. The bone was healed and the pin could come out but his mother (a widow) could not afford to take him back to get it removed. We prayed for her and her need. We had been given some extra money and we could see no better use for it, so we gave it to her, knowing that God had provided it for this boy. Please pray for this boy and his family.

Haiti December 5, 2012
Haiti December 3, 2012