Today we picked up the Camp Blessing group from Texas at New Life Missions in Port au Prince. They will be working with us for the next 4 days. We arrived at the TEM mission house around 4 p.m. After a quick, delicious Haiti meal prepared by Ginette, we went down to Daniel’s voodoo village to show the Jesus film. It always amazes me that every time we go there they ask to see the Jesus film again. As they watch the movie you can see them say some of the words that Jesus speaks as He is saying them. The children – large and small – watch intently without saying a word as they sit in the dirt. We are assured that His word will not come back void. What a wonderful opportunity that the Lord gives us to share the Gospel.

Tomorrow the group will be going down to Mission of Hope, which is a large ministry down the mountain from us. They don’t know exactly what they will be doing, but if it is like TEM there is always plenty to do.

Thank you for your prayers, and may the Lord bless you and your families today as much as He is blessing us.

Haiti December 31, 2014
Haiti October 29, 2014