Report by LeaAnn Schroeter for the Haiti team

This is our 2nd full day in the village and, of course, it was very busy. Our studies in Colossians Chapter 3 are a great backdrop for the days of ministry. There were 25 women for our ladies conference (plus 7 of us) today and, though we had a rather strange, awkward beginning, the Holy Spirit broke through within minutes. Syd did a great job breaking the ice with music, and my clarinet didn’t have the challenge I thought it would finding the right notes to play. The women were attentive and polite as we explored John Chapter 4 where Jesus met the woman at the well, and also as we studied how women are in the center of the cosmic struggle of Satan against God. By the end of our morning, we all felt loved – loved by God, and loved by one another. Our prayers and yours were answered. But we have 2 more days, so keep on praying. Our afternoon was spent doing medical clinic in the church. None of us remembered to keep count, but maybe 100 or so people were seen. We turned our teens into pharmacists and mind-readers, Gail has become the official baby-carrier, Mary and Julia just seem to know what needs to be done – and they do it. I cannot report details about VBS, but Hannah tells me the lessons today were effective and well received. Ken Lawrence, who has joined us from Florida, has helped take leadership here and taught that, though the Ten Commandments are important for us to know, the greatest is still to LOVE GOD and LOVE MAN. When we got home for lunch, Ken was “on high” in that he was adding ceiling to some rooms. The night air is cool, and we sleep great. We were blessed in the airport with food and mattresses to sleep on. All is lovely and green here, and the countryside lacks the dusty air we breathed last year. We are not feeling deprived, rather blessed. Parents, be proud of your teens – we are! They are humble and gracious, and are really handling each circumstance with maturity and godliness. We are feeling the effects of your prayers, and long for them to continue. We understand that it is highly unusual for things to run smoothly in Haiti. We are happy to accept this blessing. Love to all!


Report by Pastor John McInnis, Wright Baptist Church

The evangelism team shared in hut-to-hut visitation on Monday morning; they shared the gospel with several groups of families and individuals. One person, Jean Bertrand Silvenis, accepted Jesus as His Savior and Lord at the local carpenter’s shop. In the afternoon, two persons made their profession of faith during the medical clinic evangelism team closing interview. Twelve-year-old Dor Robenson accepted Jesus as his Savior, as did 14-year-old Jovinsca Delin. Pray for them to be discipled by the local church leaders. Also, pray for the evangelism team as they go house-to-house and through the medical clinic interviews and prayers.

Haiti December 4, 2012
Haiti December 2, 2012