We got the St. Louis group off this morning, and picked up the Wisconsin group this afternoon. The Wisconsin flight arrived early, so we were able to get to the mission house around 6 p.m. Of course, it was dark here because of the daylight savings time. For the first time ever, Haiti has  adopted daylight savings time (they are on Eastern time), and the Haitians don’t like it either!

After getting to the mission house, we got everyone in, assigned bunks, and had dinner. This team is extremely tired, yet excited. They spent the night in the airport last night, so they are looking forward to a good night’s sleep in a real bed. As tired as they were, they still sang praises to the Lord and gave thanks for their journey.

Please continue to pray for us as we serve our Lord this week.

Haiti December 2, 2012
Haiti November 30, 2012