What a wonderful week we have had serving the Lord in Haiti…Christian brothers and sisters working together to accomplish God’s will. What I love about this ministry is that we have no strict agenda. I tell the teams “Let’s just show up and see what God wants us to do.” That has been working for many years.

The Pastors Conference was really the only thing planned, and of course we had to be very flexible with the sessions because sometimes the lunch was not prepared for the pastors on time, so the American pastors would have to wait up to two hours. Along with the Pastors Conference–which was a great success–Pam and her two children, Olivia & Lucas, took it upon themselves to go do VBS in many areas, including Daniel’s voodoo village. The men on the team ran electrical wire for the Sonflower House, worked on generators and Gabriel, and did many other projects. I can’t really tell you everything the team did, but I want to thank them all for showing the love of Christ to our Haitian brothers and sisters.

May 15, 2019
Haiti April 17, 2019